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Family law is a large and growing segment of Illinois Law. It covers many of the basic things that come to mind when people hear the term "family law" like divorce, child custody, child support and spousal maintenance.

At Giamanco & Ooink, we understand that people value their families above all else, and take the responsibility of handling the legal aspects of any change in a family's situation very seriously. We take the time to listen to what's important to you, explain how Illinois law applies to your unique situation, and give you options for moving forward.

Whether you are facing a divorce, a child custody situation, or working through some of the financial issues of family law like spousal maintenance, asset division or child support the attorneys at Giamanco & Ooink will partner with you to pursue your priorities and work towards the best outcome available for you and your family. Family law issues are often difficult to work through as they can be emotionally charged. We aim to help you focus on leaving resentments behind and building a safe, secure and happy future for you and your children.

Are Family Law Issues Resolved in Court?

Television, books and movies tend to give most people a skewed version of the legal system. The fact is, there will very likely be no pointing or yelling or dramatic speeches. Most of the key issues in a divorce or other family law issue are worked out between the two parties through a process of negotiation and settlement. In the case that an agreement cannot be reached, we will work with you, your spouse and their lawyer to arrange a pretrial conference. In a pretrial conference, the parties involved get an opportunity to hear recommendations for resolving differences from an Illinois family court judge. While these recommendations are not binding, they can be very effective in resolving conflict as they give the parties an idea of how the judge sees their dispute and the best resolution without having a formal trial. In the event that an agreement still cannot be reached, the parties set a date and prepare for trial.

In the event that your case does go to trial, we work with you to ensure that you feel fully prepared to answer any questions and explain any issues that may be brought up. While there are cases where trials are needed, we encourage our clients to work with their spouse to arrange an agreement whenever possible. Trials are expensive and time-consuming, and our experience suggests that both spouses are typically much more satisfied with an agreement where their input was considered.

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